Damayanthi Puspita Siregar

Nationality: Indonesian.

Occupation/Location: Business Analyst - jakarta.

How did you find about the Philippines?

I used to study there.

What Philippine locations have you visited?

Mostly around Metro Manila, baugio, and Coron.

What are your opinions on the following things about the Philippines?


Once you get out from Metro Manila , it is quite nice and quite orderly.


Food is good, I love kilawin.


Havenít seen much of it.


Quite nice and helpful. But better if they donít know that you are a foreigner.

What do you dislike about the Philippines?

Quite dirty, traffic, ridiculous noon time show ( hee hee, just my opinion), pollution, garbage Ė the typical asian countries problem.

What do you like about the Philippines?

The food, the people and the beautiful places it can offer.

Your favorite place/s in the Philippines.

L-R: 1) Banana Island, Palawan; 2) The Cross at Mt. Tapyas; 3) Palawan; 4) Twin Lagoon, Palawan; 5) Mt. Tapyas, Palawan

Banana Island, Palawan The Cross at Mt. Tapyas Palawan

Twin Lagoon, Palawan Mt. Tapyas, Palawan

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Do you have a website or blog?

Website: Yanyan Travelblog

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