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Barcelona Bulan Bulusan
dialect(s): Tagalog, Bikol Barcelonian
Product(s): Abaca and Buri
Place(s) to visit:
  • Century Old Barcelona Church
  • Barcelona Ruins
  • Marine Sanctuary
dialect(s): Bicol, Tagalog
Product(s): Processed Marine Products
Place(s) to visit:
  • Ubo Falls
  • Japanese Tunnels
  • Lake Linao
  • Banuang Daan Ruins
Product(s): Pili Products
Place(s) to visit:
Casiguran Castilla Donsol
(w/ Photos)
dialect(s):Bicol, Filipino
Place(s) to visit:
dialect(s): Bicol, Tagalog
Place(s) to visit:
  • Malawmawan Island
  • Sagurong Spring
dialect(s): Tagalog, Bikol Donsolanon more popularly known as "Bikol Miraya"
Product(s): Giftwares and holiday decors
Place(s) to visit:
  • Guided Whaleshark (Butanding) Interaction
  • Donsol River Cruising/Fireflies Watching - river cruise along Donsol River near brgys. Girawan and San Ramon
  • Astillero Archeological Site, brgy. Dancalan
  • The Grotto, brgy. San Antonio Tankulan
  • Mangrove EcoPark - a manmade mangrove plantation which cultured different marine species such as mollusks, crabs, etc.
  • Nahulugan and Tuba Falls, brgys. San Rafael and Tuba
  • Catundulan Point - the deepest part in the coastal waters of Donsol
  • Woodland Beach Resort, brgy. Dancalan, Donsol
  • Vitton Beach Resort , brgy. Dancalan, Donsol
  • Casa Biana Beach Resort, brgy. Dancalan, Donsol
  • Amor Farm Beach Resort, brgy. Dancalan, Donsol
  • PFA Whale Shark Resort, brgy. Pangpang, Donsol
Gubat Irosin Juban
dialect(s): Tagalog, Bikol Gubatnon
Place(s) to visit:
  • Handawan Island - Cogon
  • Gubat Liang Cave - Togawe
  • Gubat Cadaop Spring - Bentuco
dialect(s): Bicol, Tagalog, Waray
Product(s): Pili Products
Place(s) to visit:
  • St. Michael Archangel Roman Catholic Church
  • Bolos Crystal Spring
  • Valley View Park
  • Mt. Jormajan (mountaineering & ecological trek sites)
  • Mateo Hot and Cold Spring
dialect(s): Tagalog, Bicol
Place(s) to visit:
  • Mount Bintacan Spanish or Antillan houses
Magallanes Matnog Pilar
Place(s) to visit:
dialect(s): Tagalog, Bikol Matnog
 coco shell based-products
Place(s) to visit:
  • Matnog Ferry Terminal
  • Tikling Island
  • Subic Island
  • Hidhid Heights
  • Bantigui Beach Resort
  • Huag Island
dialect(s): Tagalog, Bikol
Place(s) to visit:
  • Caves exploration in Barangays San Jose, Lungib, Abucay, Millabas, Mabanate, Sacnangan and Danlog
  • Nabuntugan Lake in Barangay Catamlangan
  • Taraban Falls of Barangay Esperanza/Cagbacong, Pilar, Sorsogon
  • Beaches in San Rafael, San Antonio (Sapa), inapugan and Bantayan
  • Artifacts on Astilleros in Panlatuan
  • Spanish Chapel Ruins in Catamlangan
  • Kulaw-kulawan Site and LAyagan Sanctuary in San Rafael
  • Ancestral Houses in Poblacion
  • Egret Bowl Sanctuary in Sacnangan
  • River Cruise in Putiao and adjacent barangays
  • Sandbar in Panumbagan area of Bantayan
  • Parau Festival in Poblacion during October
Prieto Diaz Sorsogon City Sta. Magdalena
dialect(s): Bicol, Tagalog
Product(s): Dried Danggit & Pilinut Products
Place(s) to visit:
  • Mangrove Forest Reserve
  • Nagsurok and Pinanaan Caves
  • Sabang Beach
dialect(s): Bicol, Tagalog
Product(s): Pili products
Place(s) to visit:
  • Sorsogon City Baywalk (where the "Pili Marker" is located)
  • Bacon beach
  • Pepita Park
  • Paguiriran Island
  • Provincial Capitol and Park
  • Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral
  • Bucalbucalan Springs Resort
  • Bacon-Manito Geothermal Plant
  • Botong Twin Falls
dialect(s): Bicol, Tagalog
Product(s): Pili Products
Place(s) to visit:

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