Mirachael Oliveros Turda

Nationality: Filipino.

Occupation/Location: Executive Tax Assistant/ Makati City.

How did you find about the Philippines?

Born in the heart of the metro- QC.

What Philippine locations have you visited?

Puerto Prinsesa, Arreceffi Island, Palawan/Cagayan Valley, Cagayan/Vigan, Ilocos Norte/Baguio, Mountain Province/Anvaya Cove, Bataan/Capones Island, Zambales/Subic, Pampanga/San Jose, Bulacan/Tagaytay, Cavite/ San Juan, Laiya, Batangas/Infanta, Quezon/Cavinti, Laguna/Boracay Island, Aklan.

What are your opinions on the following things about the Philippines?






Distinct Pinoy family values.


Hospitable and always have a smile on their faces.

What do you dislike about the Philippines?


What do you like about the Philippines?

I like the Filipino people, their happy people, their great sense of humor helps them a lot in facing life’s challenges.

Your favorite place/s in the Philippines.

L-R: 1) Laiya Coco Groove Resort, San Juan, Laiya, Batangas - Nipa hut by the beach and above the sand; 2) Boracay Island, Aklan - a taste of paradise; 3) Nami Hotel, Boracay Island, Aklan - Nipa hut by the beach and on the cliffs; 4) Dos Palmas Resort, Arreceffi Island, Palawan - Nipa hut by the beach and above the water; 5) Capones Island, Zambales- where the mountain meets the sand

San Juan, Batangas Boracay Boracay

Palawan Zambales

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Do you have a website or blog?

Website: Mirachael-Raquel O Turda Travelblog

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