Project PEARLS is a registered non-profit organization in the State of California. Its mission is to help underprivileged children in the Philippines to have a better life by giving them PEARLS: PEACE. EDUCATION. ASPIRATION. RESPECT. LOVE. SMILE.

We are just a small group of family and friends who share the same mission and passion in trying to make a difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor children in the Philippines.

About The Co-Founders

Project PEARLS is founded by Melissa Villa and daughter, Francesca in 2008. Project PEARLS was established initially to help the daughters of Melissa's childhood friend, Tina who is deaf and mute. When Francesca met Tina and her daughters, Luz and Desiree, she was touched not only by their sad fate but also by their eagerness about going to school. Francesca promised she will help them with their school needs.

Tina and daughters are living in the slums in Caloocan City; because Tina only washes clothes for others as a source of living, her eldest daughter, Desiree hasn't been attending school. At 15, Desiree was only able to finish 4th grade. While her youngest, Luz (bless her heart) is very eager and excited about getting a good education. Unfortunately, Desiree is not as motivated as Luz about getting educated and totally quit attending school. Luz is still a Project PEARLS scholar and still loving school! Born and raised in Caloocan City, Melissa has seen urban poverty in the Metropolitan Manila. She is now currently living in San Francisco Bay area and realized how a small portion of her income in dollars can go along way in helping other children like Luz.

Francesca is currently a sophomore in San Jose State University majoring in Global Studies and minoring in Journalism.

Since Project PEARLS was established, Melissa and Francesca, with the help of Project PEARLS' dedicated volunteers and donors, have been putting a smile in hundreds of children's faces through the different outreach programs of Project PEARLS.

Our PEARLS Angels

Without these dedicated and hard working volunteers, Project PEARLS will just remain a dream. Not only they get their outreach jobs done, but they are exceptionally compassionate and passionate about helping these underprivileged children to have better lives.


Our Mission

Our mission is to simply help these underprivileged children in the Philippines. Our priority is to heal and nourish them first - their young and fragile minds, bodies and souls. Through our different outreach programs, we are hoping we can give them PEACE, EDUCATION, ASPIRATION, RESPECT, LOVE, SMILE.

Hundreds of malnourished children living in Ulingan are facing starvation on a daily basis. Maybe someday the new Philippine Government will help them by putting together a nutrition and health care program. But their precious lives are at stake!

And someday is not an option; waiting for the government to help is not an option. Our mission to feed and nourish these children is URGENT!

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