PIerre-Emmanuel MICHEL

Nationality: French.

Occupation/Location: Visual artist, Manila.

How did you find about the Philippines?


What Philippine locations have you visited?

Metro Manila, Laguna, Batangas, Tagaytay, Subic, Pinatubo, Baguio City, Banaue, Sagada ; Bacolod City, Negros Oriental ; Davao City, Tagum CIty, Mindanao.

What are your opinions on the following things about the Philippines?


Such a photogenic country, great colors.


Love most of it, except some too greasy specialities.


Itís a lovely mix of asian, american and european cultures.


Smily friendly beautiful filipinos.

What do you dislike about the Philippines?

Overpopulation, pollution, misery, corruption.

What do you like about the Philippines?

People, colors, heat, food, cheapness, landscapes, etc.

Your favorite place/s in the Philippines.

L-R: 1) Intramuros, Manila; 2) Malate by Night, Manila; 3) Mt. Pinatubo; 4) The Bay at Sunset, Manila; 5) Sumaging Cave, Sagada

Intramuros, Manila Malate by Night, Manila Mt. Pinatubo

The Bay at Sunset, Manila Sumaging Cave, Sagada

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Do you have a website or blog?

Website: Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL

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