About the Site

1. Who runs Philtravelphotos.com?
Philtravelphotos.com is run by LAR & Lizza, an amateur photographers who loves to take pictures of anything and everything about the Philippines. These include human emotions, environment, landscapes and especially sunsets. LAR is a Filipino backpacker who would love to travel the world someday but would like to explore the Philippines first. Lizza is a freelance writer and a backpacker who is currently exploring the Philippines and the whole of Asia. In the future, the world.
2. What motivated you to make a site like this?
To promote beautiful things from the Philippines - its people, culture, food, and beautiful places that are largely unknown to the rest of the world.

Sa Pilipinas, kapag pumunta ang dalawang tao sa isang lugar, bawat isa sa kanila, magkaiba ang nakikitang ganda at pakiramdam sa iisang lugar na iyon. May mga nakikitang lugar ang isa na hindi nakikita ng iba. Ganito ang Pilipinas, lugar ng natatagong ganda. Kaya't sa pamamagitan ng site na ito, sana'y makapagbigay-daan ako upang makita ng mundo ang iba't ibang mukha at ganda ng Pilipinas, gamit ang mga opinion at larawan ng mga nais makibahagi dito.

[In the Philippines, when two people come to a certain place, either one of them will experience a different kind of beauty and emotion in that one place. One sees a place that is different from what others see. This is the Philippines, land of hidden beauty. That is why through this site, I hope to help the world see the different faces and beauty of the Philippines, by sharing the opinions and photographs of the people who wish to take part in this endeavor.]

3. Can I link to you? Can you link back to me - that is, can we become affiliates?
Please feel free to link back to this site without my permission. However, we would appreciate being told beforehand. Email us at lar@philtravelphotos.com. If our sites are related, perhaps we can work on a link exchange.

Also, please use the following images and codes if possible. We would appreciate it if you saved the graphic files into your own servers, but feel free to hotlink these particular images if you prefer. Simply copy and paste the codes below:

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Photographer Profiles

1. What are the benefits of having a Philtravelphotos.com photographer's profile?
The aim of this site is to help promote photographers and travellers interested in the Philippine islands, and to become a virtual database of photos about the Philippines. If you would like to promote yourself and your personal photo galleries, Philtravelphotos is here to help!
2. Who can apply for a photographer's profile?
Anyone may apply, regardless of age and nationality. Travellers, adventurers, and amateur/professional photographers are welcome! Please bear in mind, however, that the webmaster reserves the right to deny applications that she deems unsuited to the nature of this website. Inappropriate accounts include but are not limited to the following: - Pornographic content - Hate content, i.e. flame sites or commentary and photographs that degrade the Philippines or Filipinos
3. Can I edit any information in my photographer profile?
Once the information has been submitted, you must email the webmaster for any changes. You cannot edit the information yourself. In the future, this functionality may be available. Please bear with us at the moment.
4. Can I remove my photographer profile if I don't want it anymore?
As stated in FAQ #3 for Photographer Profiles, you must email the webmaster if you want your account removed. You may request for your account to be edited or deleted at any time; we will respond as soon as possible.

Contact Information

1. How may I get in touch with the webmaster regarding contributions, corrections, suggestions and comments?
You may email the webmaster through this email: lar@philtravelphotos.com

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