Dr. Vernon Gerard

Nationality: New Zealander

Occupation/Location: Retired Physicist, Wellington New Zealand

How did you find about the Philippines?

My wife is a Pinay; but also in my society schools normally teach about every country on this planet.

What Philippine locations have you visited?

Many in Luzon; Metro Manila, Bagiuo, Tagaytay, Zambales, Pangasinan, Laguna.

What are your opinions on the following things about the Philippines?


Often hard to reach because of heavy traffic and transport problems.


Local food (and fruit) is often more acceptable than imitation western meals.


A curious mixture of Malay, Spanish, American with a dash of Chinese.


Very friendly, but can be overwhelming with their attention to a foreigner. The extended family is all powerful, and sometimes nothing happens unless the whole ‘clan’ approves.

What do you dislike about the Philippines?

The traffic, heat, and difficulty in actually getting things done if ‘red tape’ is involved; a few pesos on ‘the side’ can help. The public toilets are atrocious and often don’t exist. People are not time conscious and never are on time for appointments.

What do you like about the Philippines?

The respect and attention given to elders and elderly. This even extends to the older siblings. This doesn’t happen now in the west.

Your favorite place/s in the Philippines.

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