Barry Jay Ruth

Nationality: American

Occupation/Location: Retired in Cainta, Rizal Philippines.

How did you find about the Philippines?

Through an online contact, and over twelve trips before relocating here.

What Philippine locations have you visited?

Metro Manila, Intramuros, Cebu City, Boracay Island, Olongapo City, Davao City and Bulacan Province.

What are your opinions on the following things about the Philippines?


Metro Manila is a very metropolitan city, but needs to be cleaned. Good historic places. Provincial cities and rural areas are beautiful. The smaller islands have world class natural wonders.


Availability of various foods go from low cost local varieties to world class eateries in the major cities. The Philippines are food lovers Paradise.


Reflects the Spanish, Chinese, Malay, and American influiences.


Filipinos are warm and generous. They are eager to learn about other countries, and what foreigners think about the Philippines.

What do you dislike about the Philippines?

I dislike the disorganization of Metro Manila. Money needs to be invested in proper housing for the Filipinos. The air polution needs to be addressed, and the major cities of the country cleaned.

What do you like about the Philippines?

warm, generous, and friendly people. The low cost of living. The laid back attitude.

Your favorite place/s in the Philippines.

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